Living in the Present

I’m a 20 year old junior in college; and for some reason it just occurred to me how important the next year and a half are in terms of my future. I have three semesters left of college. Only three semesters left of being a student. That’s a pretty crazy thing considering I’ve been a student for the last 15 years of my life. All the clubs I’m in, classes I take, jobs I work, everything I do right now is so I can get a job after graduation. But what if that’s not enough? And what if I look back on my college years and have regrets? Sometimes it’s hard to actually live in the present when all you do is worry about the future.

For years I’ve imagined myself moving to NYC after college, then eventually Charleston, then maybe to Chicago or somewhere else in the Midwest. But now that that time is only a year away, I’m panicking. I’m not sure I can actually live hundreds of miles from home, broke, knowing no one in such a huge city. At the same time though, as terrifying as that sounds, it sounds amazing. I want to live somewhere where I don’t know anyone and where I have to prove myself. Isn’t that what being young is about?


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