I Want To Blog For International Studies Abroad (ISA)

There are probably hundreds of students who apply to blog for ISA. My already existing blog is new and I am still getting the hang of it. However, this is something I am passionate about. Before hearing about this opportunity, I searched for ISA blogs, looking for ones about Barcelona since that is where I will be traveling. I even started a Barcelona section on my own blog. I love hearing about other people’s experiences and I want to share mine.

From my time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram I have learned that people, myself included, like what they can relate to. Well, I plan to relate to other college students, whether they are studying abroad now, have in the past, or want to in the future. I want to show pictures, videos, quotes, phrases I hear, places to eat, places to shop, and so much more. My blog will include links (like the ones below) that I think could be helpful to students. I will be honest too, because that is what I wanted when I was researching study abroad, and I know firsthand what common questions and concerns are.

As a Public Relations major, this is a great opportunity for me. I want this experience so that I can share with others, including friends and family, while abroad. I love social media and communicating with others, and I know that I would make an excellent ISA blogger!



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