A Night Out In Barca

The nightlife in Barcelona is unlike anyplace else. When I’m at school in the US I feel wild when I go out on a Wednesday. But here? It’s common to go to bars and nightclubs Monday-Sunday. And not just for a quick drink or a couple of hours. No, people never go out before 10pm and sometimes stay out until 7am! I’m not going to lie, that part is a blast. But what I don’t get is how these crazy Spaniards still manage to function the next day. It’s other Americans like myself that stay in bed until noon…


My first margarita ever, and at a Mexican restaurant in Spain!

There are a lot of fabulous places I’ve discovered in the month that I’ve been here. These are some of my favorites:

  • Chupitos: Chupitos is a definite must in Barcelona, with a good mix of locals and visitors. Mainly a shot bar, they have over 700 different combinations. And nothing boring either! Chupitos is known for lighting drinks and the bar counter on fire. It’s a dark and crowded place though, so usually people don’t hang around long. More likely they’re going to Chupitos to pregame. Shots cost 2-4 €, but Monday nights shots are all 1 €. How can you say no to 1 € shots?
  • Le Journal: Located in Gràcia, this is a bar that will most likely be filled with locals. It’s small but has a great vibe. For people looking to meet Spanish people and embrace the culture, this is a good bar to do so in. Monday-Thursdays mojitos are only 3.50 €, although they are so popular in Spain most places have mojito specials on weekdays. Le Journal is one of my favorite bars in Barcelona so far, partially because of the hot bartenders!
  • Le Cryanos: This place in L’Eixample seems to be a must for visitors and locals. Believe it or not, at Le Cryanos they let customers pour their own drinks. That’s right. Hand over 3 €  and the bartender gives you a glass with ice, a bottle of vodka, and your mixer of choice. You have to get there early though—any time after midnight and there are no open seats!
  • Club Opium: Opium might just be the most popular nightclub in Barcelona, especially for study abroad students. Located right off the beach in Barceloneta, it’s the perfect place to have a wild night dancing. As popular and big as it is, Opium still stays exclusive and enforces somewhat of a dress code, asking its visitors not to wear sneakers or shorts. Fun fact about Opium: this March 6-9 it will be hosting one night of Abroadfest for study abroad students from all across Europe!
S'more shots at Chupitos

S’more shots at Chupitos

While Barcelona may be know for being a wild place to party, a lot of this seems to be do to study abroad students and other foreigners. Yes, the Spanish people do go out and stay out ridiculously late; but they also have a lot more self control. It’s common for cafes to serve sangria and cava–like champagne here–at all hours. So if you visit Barcelona, live like the locals! Follow their schedules and go to places that not just crowded with tourists. And whatever you do don’t drink champagne for the first time at a sketchy nightclub..it will not be worth it.


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