Beautiful Valencia

This past weekend I was lucky enough to travel to Valencia, Spain. Like most of the places I’ve been in Spain, this city is amazing.

Valencia is very different from Barcelona. The buildings are much more modern, as opposed to Barcelona’s older architecture. Maybe it has to do with Valencia being on the coast or something, but people there just seem more relaxed and less in a hurry. There is grass and green all over and the city and the buildings are more spread out. Despite this openness though, Valencia is still the third largest city in Spain, something I was completely unaware of.

unnamed image

Dolphin Show at L’Oceanografic

Unfortunately I was only in the city a short time, but I did have the chance to eat some true Valencia paella, drink some boxed wine, and have delicious helado. I also got to visit L’Oceanografic, a great aquarium, and see their dolphin show!

unnamed (2) image


Our group spent some time in the afternoon on the beach. It really was the most beautiful day yet since I’ve been in Spain: low 70s, so warm but not too hot. At 3pm we reluctantly left Valencia and headed back to Barcelona. I’m happy to be home, but I’ll miss the peacefulness of Valencia and that amazing weather they have there!


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