El Sur De Francia

This past weekend I went on a three day trip to France. This was my second time in the country, although the other trip was a few years ago and only for an afternoon in the small town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. This time I visited Narbonne, Collioure, Carcassone, and Toulouse. 

My first stop was in Narbonne, where I did a walking tour and had lunch with my study abroad group. The city seemed very nice, although it was cold and extremely windy when we were there. There is a canal that runs through Narbonne, which adds to it’s charm.


Toulouse, France

We arrived in Toulouse later that night. I didn’t realize that Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France and filled with college students. We had another walking tour while in the city, and on Saturday morning sampled some wine and cheese and went to the flea market outside one of the churches. My friends and I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, looking at art, and stopping in vintage clothing stores. Later we enjoyed kebabs, which are easy to find and located everywhere around the city! Saturday night a group of us went to a club. It had two level and was packed and crazy. There were Americans, French, English, and many more nationalities there. We got back to the hotel around 3:30 am, which was a bit late considering wake up call was at 7:30! 


Carcassonne, France

The next morning we had breakfast and continued with our trip. First stop of the day: Carcassone. The city was great and we spent our time right within the castle walls. Apparently that very castle had inspired the ones featured in Robin Hood and Sleeping Beauty. It was a beautiful place, very quiet and with a great view. 

The final city in France that we visited was Collioure. We had the shortest amount of time here but it was perhaps the most beautiful. The canal, led right to the sea, where there was a beach and beautiful scenery. Cafes lined the beach, adding to the quaint feel of it. 


Collioure, France

France was a fun time, although I can’t say that the French are very welcoming! The language barrier makes me less comfortable also, because I do not know a word of French. Everywhere I’ve visited so far has been amazing, but it always feels good coming back to Barcelona!


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